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The People, Customs and Culture

The people of the region are good natured and very friendly. A smile and a wave goes a long way down here. The local people have strong values and belief in their culture. It’s important to respect their ways and culture and always act appropriately. Remember we are all guests here so what goes in your country probably isn’t the way here. Ladies should always dress modestly when outside the resort.


Please don’t give locals money unless they have helped you out. Better to buy a few books and pencils and donate to the school. Our staff are paid a wage so tipping is optional and should always be given to the manager so it is spread evenly.


Within the confines of the resort it’s ok to drink but please keep it under control. Street drinking is just not on. It’s not Kuta down here so by all means enjoy a few drinks but drunken unsociable behaviour won’t be tolerated at all.


We have Eftpos facilities at our Resort and there are several ATM’s in Krui. It’s always a good idea to have some local currency with you when you arrive. We don’t exchange foreign currency.


Indonesia has a 30 day Visitor Visa for most foreign countries which you obtain on arrival at either Bali or Jakarta for approximately $25USD.


Longer Visas can be arranged from the Indonesian Consulate in your country prior to departure.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must have and coverage should commence when you start your trip. Please ensure you have Medical Evacuation coverage on your policy.


Our Crew and Community

The large majority of our staff are local and have been with us since day 1. In an area where employment is hard to find we have created jobs for 10 people. Our crew is our family they are friendly and caring people. Our motto is “We are here for you” and we mean that.

We are blessed to have such a beautiful environment to live and work in and we try to keep it that way by correct waste disposal and recycling.

We donate generously to the local community school and to significant cultural and religious occasions.

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