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Always wanted to learn to surf?  Too crowded where you are? Don’t like big groups? Then come on over!! Learn to surf at Sumatra Surf Resort with our qualified surf instructor. We can customise a package to suit you.When you arrive you will be asked to complete the  Learn to Surf Questionnaire so we can personalise your tuition.


Level 1

Guests with limited or no previous surfing experience will learn the basics of surfing. Topics covered in this level include;

how to identify a safe surfing location
how to spot rips/currents
important surf safety and surf awareness skills
how to catch small whitewater waves using correct surf technique to stand up
how to paddle correctly
how to dismount the board safely

Lessons are 90 minutes each.


Level 2

Guests who have had previous surf experience or have progressed from level 1 will become slightly more independent as we cover such topics as:

how to catch waves unaided in the shallow water
how to ride small, unbroken (green water) waves
how to turn across the wave face (both directions)
how to perform an ‘eskimo roll’
Lessons are 90 minutes each

  • Awesome fun in a perfect location to learn.
  • We supply the gear you supply the enthusiasm!!
  • Groups are limited to 8 people so you get plenty of individual attention.

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