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The People, Customs and Culture

The people of the region are good natured and very friendly. A smile and a wave goes a long way down here. The local people have strong values and belief in their culture. It’s important to respect their ways and culture and always act appropriately. Remember we are all guests here so what goes in your country probably isn’t the way here.

What to Wear

For guys when you are in the confines of the resort or at the beach boardies are fine. For the ladies bikini’s are ok but please no “G String’s” or “Skimpy Bikinis”. If you’re heading out and about a T-shirt or singlet is fine and for the ladies a sarong with a T-shirt is acceptable dress. We strongly advise our female guests to never sunbake topless or with a skimpy bikini as that is considered highly offensive to our friends customs and religious beliefs.


Within the confines of the resort it’s ok to drink but please keep it under control. Street drinking is just not on. It’s not Kuta down here so by all means enjoy a few drinks but drunken unsociable behaviour won’t be tolerated at all.

It’s a local law that the consumption of duty free spirits is illegal, they will be confiscated and you can be fined and asked to leave. So best leave them in the suitcase.


Foreign currency exchange is not available in the area, so it is important you bring a sufficient amount in relation to the length of your stay. Please advise our driver if you need to change money prior to leaving Bandar Lampung. We can exchange small amounts of foreign currency at the resort as a service to our guests.

You are supplied with 3 big healthy meals a day so $500AUD (or the equivalent, based on a 12 night stay) as a safeguard would be a sensible amount to bring in case you need to buy personal items, or you wish to eat out.

You will also need to budget for Alcohol as it isn’t included in any packages. Bandar Lampung package excludes transport cost which is between AUD$100-$130 per person. Cost is dependent on number of guests being transported.


Indonesia has a 30 day Visitor Visa for most foreign countries which you obtain on arrival at either Bali or Jakarta for approximately $25USD.

Longer Visas can be arranged from the Indonesian Consulate in your country prior to departure.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must have and coverage should commence when you start your trip. Please ensure you have Medical Evacuation coverage on your policy.

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