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Our most popular excursion is a jungle adventure so authentic it’s not even on trip advisor!

Described by our guests as “picturesque”, “untouched”, “a local wilderness”, the river tour captures the feeling of remoteness without feeling touristy, a truly authentic experience just 20 minutes from camp.

An amazing afternoon activity if it turns onshore in the afternoon. This river cruise is also the best opportunity to see different species of monkeys in their natural habitat, as the boat offers the best vantage point up into the canopy, allowing you to see much further than if you were walking underneath the trees. Siamang, gibbons, macaque and more come down to the river as the afternoon cools off, making this cruise ideal to take a few beers and drift downstream, bintang in hand and spot wildlife. Go Pro recommended.

So what is it exactly?

An hour river cruise on a local river boat, a hike through the Sumatran jungle to a waterfall and ending the afternoon by drifting down river on tire inner tubes back downstream to the boat to head back to your start point.

How far away is it? The River cruise departs just 20 minutes drive from camp, on the far side of the village that lies inland of the camp itself.

How long is it? There are two options: 1/2 day or full day. Both tours include an hours’ river cruise to your hiking start point and tubing back down stream to the boat on your return journey but the main difference is the hiking duration. For the more adventurous hiker the full day experience takes you on a 4-hour hike deep into the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park to the base of a huge waterfall while the half day tour stays outside the national park, with a shorter 20 minute walk and a shorter tube section of around 1 hour.


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